Woman holding RV keys.

Meet Christina

My name is Christina Pate and I have been a full-time RVer since 2016. In 2019, I founded the website, Travels with Ted, to share everything I had learned about RV camping with other travelers. (Ted is my dog).

This course was designed for new RVers who have never been camping or who just started their RV journey and feel overwhelmed. When I moved into our first RV, I knew nothing about RVs and a course like this could have made my first year on the road much easier!

This course was designed to be a comprehensive guide to RV camping for future and new RV owners. Here is exactly what you can expect to learn:

What's Covered?

Selecting and Buying an RV

Understanding RV Electricity

Understanding RV Tanks

RV Trip Planning

RV Memberships

RV Travel Days

RV TV & Internet Options

RV Storage & Winterization

Boondocking 101

Essential RV Gear

Discounts & Deals

What's Not Covered?

Towing and Driving RVs

RV Maintenance and Repairs

Living in an RV

Start Learning about RVs!